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Please remove some namespaces from es.wikibooks
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In the past Wikiversities and Wikibooks lived together. Six years ago es.wikiversity was created and all the content hosted formerly on es.wikibooks was transwiki imported to there, and the local content replaced with a template that indicated the content was moved and where to find it

After an agreement on our local village pump that after six years ago we didn't need any of those pointers anymore nor the namespaces I deleted all the content, leaving empty those namespaces.

As such, to finish the process, please kindly remove from es.wikibooks the following namespaces:

  • [102] Wikiversidad
  • [103] Wikiversidad Discusión

Discussion on the URL field. I'm a bureaucrat at es.wikibooks.

Thank you.

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Severity: enhancement



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[ Note ]

The namespace still contains 9 redirections your cleaning bot has forgotten:

  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Broken/Proceso de fundación]]
  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Claustro]]
  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Curso de Introducción a la Programación, Algoritmos]]
  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Departamento de Física]]
  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Departamento de Gestión de la Información]]
  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Evolución]]
  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Facultad de Arquitectura e Ingeniería]]
  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Facultad de Ingeniería Electrónica]]
  • [[es:Wikiversidad:Proceso de fundación]]

[ Local consensus ]

The change were discussed and approved by active community members.

[ Taking this bug. -shellpolicy +shell +patch-in-gerrit ]

Gerrit change 27123

Confirmed too. Thank you very much for your assistance.