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Resources for anonymous users are not cached
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Author: jakub

Anonymous users have mTouched set to "0" meaning that they have never been modified. But wfTimestamp() treats this value as "now" causing the exact opposite. The consequence is that static resources loaded under anonymous user are never cached.

This looks like a clear bug, even the source code comment suggest that this value should cause caching of any page. The attached patch fixes this.

This is network communication before: and after: The difference between 1.59 s and 2.63 and the 304 status are important.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: minor



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jakub wrote:



sumanah wrote:

Jakub, thanks for the fix! Just so you know, in the future you can submit your changes directly into our Git repository using developer access:

Thanks for the patch! Submitted into Gerrit as and merged.