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Temporarily re-enable the new pages patrol to FI-wiki
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New pages patrol was removed from finnish wikipedia at 2012-09-18 (bug #39942) by request of Pxos. Request was to remove rc patrol and new pages patrol because their functionality were duplicated by flagged revisions.

However user checkpointcharlie notfied that there were missing css-classes at Special:NewPagesFeed which are needed so i will ask to re-enable the new pages patrol to fiwiki.

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I've the feeling it would make more sense to fix the issue adding the CSS classes in relevant special pages.

Could you ask checkpointcharlie to describe the list of elements it would like we add a CSS class?

Hi, problem is that currently there is no way to identify the unreviewed articles in the newpages-list.

Before toggling off the patrol there was ''not-patrolled'' class for pages which weren't patrolled and it was used for identifying.

In other list flagged revision have the ''flaggedrevs-unreviewed'' class but it is missing in the newpages-list.

I think that this is actually bug in flagged revision and correct way to fix it would be to add flagged revisions "unreviewed" or "pending changes" links to the new pages list too.

Btw. correct page is (Special:NewPagesFeed is only in enwiki) :

So if I understand well, the solution would be we improve the Flagged Revision extension to:

  • whether modify the [[Special:NewPages]] behavior and add a flaggedrevs-unreviewed class to any unreviewed item ;
  • whether provide a new special page identical to [[Special:NewPages]] but showing the unreviewed items.


Solution would be improve the Flagged Revision extension to:

Modify the [[Special:NewPages]] behaviour and add a flaggedrevs-unreviewed notification to any unreviewed item. For the consistency between the lists notification should have the class AND the ''unreviewed''-text. See the image of the recent changes -list below ("Arvioimaton sivu" is "unreviewed page" in Finnish.

Also for the consistency between the lists there should be notification for pending changes too. (Check the lower arrow; "Odottavat muutokset" is "pending changes" in Finnish)

For the second solution; There is currently filter option for showing only the unreviewed articles.


I've created bug 41047 and bug 41048 for FlaggedRevs and core's enhancements required to add this feature.

Meanwhile this is implemented, a temporary restore of the old config isn't a bad idea and your local wiki discussion didn't raise objection to that. This is Gerrit change 28152.

[ Editing bug title to indicate this config change is a temporary one. Adding 'shell' and 'patch-in-gerrit' keywords. Assigned. ]

The fix has been deployed by Hashar.

You now have new pages patrol operational.

I'm currently letting this ticket open, so we'll know to come back to old configuration when bug 41047 will be solved.

Hi, seems to work.

Btw. User Pxos reported that enabling the new pages patrol solved another UI problem too.

After patrol was disabled there was still patrol log events. When the patrolling is enabled events are hidden by default from [[special:log]] -view and user can select to view those events if he or she wants to but they . However when the patrolling was disabled hiding by default was disabled too and patrol events flooded the log view.

Eg. Patrol log events: