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CSS classes mw-content-ltr/mw-content-rtl is missing
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Description uses a lot of CSS definitions based on the CSS classes mw-content-ltr or mw-content-rtl. On the preview of [[Special:ExpandTemplates]] the CSS classes mw-content-ltr/mw-content-rtl doesn't exist. So the definitions doesn't work.

Expected result:
The preview should be in a <div class="mw-content-DIR" lang="LANG" dir="DIR"> container based on the direction DIR and the language LANG of the page content language of the context title.

Test case:

<div class="magnify">float right</div>

should aligned right on a ltr wiki and should left aligned on a rtl wiki.

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I'm not sure that I understand the example. "float right" here is just text. Did you mean to write it as CSS?

The ExpandTemplates page works correctly for me in an RTL wiki. The mw-content-rtl class is applied to the whole page.

What is the actual problem?

skins/common/shared.css contains:

/* @noflip */
.mw-content-ltr .magnify {

float: right;

/* @noflip */
.mw-content-rtl .magnify {

float: left;


class="magnify" should either be float:left or float:right. The text "float right" was just a dummy.

Better test case:
<div class="magnify">magnify</div>Text

should look like
<div style="float: right;">magnify</div>Text
on LTR page content language


should look like
<div style="float: left;">magnify</div>Text
on RTL page content language.

Actual result:
without float.

Oh, I get it now. Thanks for the clarification.

Patch for ExpandTemplates_body.php

Patch for ExpandTemplates_body.php added


ping - patch available here, somebody need to bring it into Gerrit.

Equivalent patch seems to have landed in commit dc0ffb28482e01bcef46a139fe262827c84de9aa, 2013-02-03.

Resolving fixed.