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JavaScript on item pages fails to finish loading, the page just shows a spinner.
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Screenshot of ItemView during slow or stalled pageload

It seems like loading of the javascript loads very slowly or not at all on slow internet. Especially it seems to fail on a slow mobile data connection.

Note that this could be due to O2s rewriting of the content in some cases, but after several reloads I'm pretty sure it is something else going on.

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Bug-slow-internet.png (547×964 px, 83 KB)



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This could be a routing problem on my local server, that is its on my laptop and it probably fails due to routing and/or wrong IP-address.

This bug goes away if $wgResourceLoaderDebug is true, which seems veeery strange.

I can confirm the problem: if $wgResourceLoaderDebug is false, loading any item page gets stuck with the spinner... spinning. There's no error in the console. There are a couple of requests for fonts by ULS that do not complete, maybe that is a cause? But even if all resources produce a 304 on reload, the problem still occurs.

Change Ic14824b9: Correcting misspelled resource reference