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Images loading in dynamic sections even when images disabled
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The summary pretty much says it all. To replicate:

  • Ensure you're in the beta for MobileFrontend
  • Settings -> disable images
  • Load article with sections containing images (eg Barack Obama on enwiki)
  • Click a section header for a section containing images (eg Barack Obama -> Presidential campaigns)
  • Note images loading :(

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sumanah wrote:

Is this happening on master?

Yes, it's happening on master (and incidentally currently in production), but only on the beta version of MobileFrontend, which is expected to contain various issues such as this. But this will need to be fixed before being moved out of beta into our normal production.

I guess what needs to happen is this:

  • mwMobileFrontendConfig needs to pass a flag saying that images are disabled
  • calls to the api to grab sections should pass a parameter (I forget what this parameter is) to request the content of sections without images

Should be relatively easy.