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Display "Mobile Platform" custom field only for relevant products/components
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I am after removing a bit of clutter from show_bug.cgi.

Mobile team prefers to keep Mobile Platform separate from Platform:
"we don't want *any* desktop os in the platform, they're useless to us. it'll be pure noise to have the desktop os list."

Hence we should show the "Mobile Platform" custom field only for products "Wikipedia App"/"Wiktionary App"/"WikiLoves Monuments Mobile" and for component "MobileFrontend".
This requires Bugzilla 4.2 as per .

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Severity: enhancement



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Current situation and diffusion:

  • "Wikimedia Mobile" is closed for new bug entries. Good.
  • Several mobile apps exist, such as WikiLoves Monuments Mobile Wikipedia App Wiktionary App Commons Mobile App
  • Tools/WikiSnaps exists, which is a mobile app.
  • VisualEditor/Mobile should likely should also show this field.

Now that we have upgraded Bugzilla to 4.2 we can define more than one product XOR product/component when a custom field (like "Mobile platform") should be shown.

Proposing to show "Mobile platform" only for:

  • Commons App / General
  • MediaWiki extensions / MobileFrontend
  • MediaWiki extensions / MobileFrontend (Beta)
  • MediaWiki extensions / ZeroRatedMobileAccess
  • Tools / WikiSnaps
  • WikiLoves Monuments Mobile / Browse
  • WikiLoves Monuments Mobile / General
  • WikiLoves Monuments Mobile / Login
  • WikiLoves Monuments Mobile / Maps
  • WikiLoves Monuments Mobile / Upload
  • Wikimedia / WAP mobile gateway
  • Wikimedia Mobile / Content
  • Wikimedia Mobile / devices
  • Wikimedia Mobile / Generic
  • Wikimedia Mobile / Retired (Ruby) Gateway (DO NOT USE)
  • Wikipedia App / Automated Builds
  • Wikipedia App / Generic
  • Wikipedia App / History
  • Wikipedia App / Localization/Translation/Language
  • Wikipedia App / Media Uploads
  • Wikipedia App / Near by
  • Wikipedia App / Save Article
  • Wikipedia App / Search
  • Wikipedia App / Settings
  • Wikipedia App / Share
  • Wikisource App / General
  • Wiktionary App / Wiktionary

Looking at this again, I wondered if there are cases apart from aforelisted components when the field is set.
There are, especially when "Hardware" is set to "Tablet PC":,43414,43101,41984,38420,37875,38393,37160

Hence this is maybe not a good idea, and I currently think I shouldn't pursue this idea. the way, Bugzilla query to see which reports use the "Mobile Platform" field is and setting "Custom Search" to "Mobile Platform | is not equal to | ---".

Based on data how rarely this field has been set in the last 12 months (except for by the reporter and the bugwrangler), I am very tempted to just hide

  • field_label_cf_platform
  • field_container_cf_platform

via "display:none" in CSS for the time being, wait if anybody will actually complain, and if nobody complains disable it entirely.

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