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VisualEditor: Context menu appears in the wrong place in IE10 (and IE9) when zoomed in
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Author: orbit

Internet Explorer 10, the most cutting-edge browser on the planet, is displaying the context menu far away from the end of the selection. It looks to be about 300 pixels to the right and 150 pixels down - similar to the size of the inspector. Maybe it's related?

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orbit wrote:

This only happens when zoomed in.

(In reply to comment #2)

Rangy bug. To file/fix upstream?

Means ?
Curious how to isolate if it is an upstream issue?

Yes, sorry; Rangy is a library on which VisualEditor depends heavily, and this appears to be a bug with Rangy that we'd want to get fixed upstream rather than hack around. We've got a reasonable relationship with Rangy's author, so this shouldn't be impossible. :-)

I couldn't see the visual editor option at all in IE10. I am using Windows 7 and IE10.0.9200

Dhaval: There was a recent fix to the client test module here: Which was deployed on Tuesday.

This fixed a problem with VisualEditor being enabled in IE despite it being configured to be disabled for all versions of Internet Explorer during this deployment.

However, there is a recent patch to enable VisualEditor in IE9 and above.
Which should be rolled out in the next VisualEditor deployment.

You would think our code would have changed a lot in the past two years, but this bug is still reproducible. It doesn't happen in IE11 though.

getClientRects (native function) is messed up in IE10 and below when the zoom level is not 100%, it looks like it's applying the zoom factor twice. It may be able to fix it using screen.deviceXDPI / screen.logicalXDPI to calculate the zoom level - maybe this can be done upstream in RangeFix...

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Change 283443 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
Update RangeFix to 0.2.0

Change 283443 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update RangeFix to 0.2.0

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