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Rendering of file-info-size message broken for a corrupted PDF
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Author: M8R-udfkkf

Shows what's broken.

For the corrupted pdf file at:,_Army_Corps_of_Engineers-_Puerto_Rico_-_Compact_of_Permanent_Union_%281%29%28Gerald_Ford_Library%29%281554455%29.pdf

The portion which normally says:
Size of this preview: ...
Full resolution ‎...

appears to have the formatting wrong for this portion. It is highlighted in the screenshot.

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sumanah wrote:

I can reproduce the issue. I used,_Army_Corps_of_Engineers-_Puerto_Rico_-_Compact_of_Permanent_Union_%281%29%28Gerald_Ford_Library%29%281554455%29.pdf?uselang=qqx to determine that the specific message that isn't being rendered correctly is:

(file-info-size: , , (size-megabytes), application/pdf)

alexthepuffin wrote:

Another example showing the import of a PDF


alexthepuffin wrote:

I have the same problem also, it seems to be with all PDFs and not just this one.

I'm wondering about my version of gs or pdfinfo (8.70 and 3.03).

So 2 issues here.

*when metadata fails to be extracted, dimensions should default to 0×0 so the failure is graceful.

  • metadata extraction fails for that image (you can tell by looking at iiprop=metadata in the api). This could hust be a broken image but should investigate.

Re comment 3 - if it happens for all pdfs for you probably an issue with pdfinfo command

alexthepuffin wrote:

Ah, I think I figured it out.

Most of my problems went away when I went from pdfinfo 0.22 to 0.12.4.

My next problem was dealing with an out of memory error when running gs, but messing with ulimit helped with that too.

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Related URL: (Gerrit Change I8c956da326e5dc339893a010370d399e97e204fd)

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