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Wikidata merge mistakes
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It seems there were a few merge mistakes in wikidata, particularly in commit bb51a58e575b13eb8b6c496482f7066a7081f676 it seems.

I see at least the following were accidentally (partly) reverted for EditPage in master


4d4bfc27a1bedf6b0d1670707ac812fe36fe85ad (already fixed)


These were then merged from the wikidata branch back into master again it seems. I suggest that entire master->wikidata merge is double checked.

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Ugh, this is not good. I wonder how this happened.

I'm off duty until next week, but I'll try to look into it anyway. Hopefully I'll find out more about when and how this happened.


  • Change I5449d033: (Bug 41298) partial fix: re-applying Id7b331e1b
  • Change I75ddf1d9: (Bug 41298) partial fix: re-apply I9441a277
  • Change I2628d73a: (Bug 41298) partial fix: re-apply Id4d5504a

It's interesting to note that as far as I can see, only changes to EditPage where lost while changes to other files from the same commit were preserved. Looks like somewhere, someone (probably me) used an old version of EditPage.

sumanah wrote:

Aude: since these fixes have been merged, can we close this ticket?

(In reply to comment #4)

Aude: since these fixes have been merged, can we close this ticket?

Well, as far as I can see, I fixed all the problems the OP mentioned explicitly. But the OP called for a ful lre-evaluation of the merge (or at least of EditPage), which I didn't do.

So, basically, I'd ask the OP whether this is good enough.

There were not all merged yet. They are now.

I trust Daniel if he says that as far as he could tell it only affected EditPage. The suggested cause also seems logical.

I have looked through the merge cleanup commit to check EditPage and other files changed there. Agree that it looks like just EditPage was affected and only for stuff committed in mid/late Sept and early October. I think we got everything fixed.

Closed older resolved bugs as verified.