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Support for OS grid refs for maps of UK and Ireland
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Author: dunc_harris

Currently one can use {{gbmapping|grid reference}} and related templates to link out to e.g. see
[[Upton, Warwickshire]]. This externally links to
SP125575_region:GB_scale:25000 and that then redirects to a wiki hosted by
that then uses to give several options for obtaining maps.

Now, wouldn't it be a lot easier if an internal solution similar to the ISBN solution was



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dunc_harris wrote:

I would further suggest that the ISBN code be adapted to create a new special page.

The Irish grid which works on a similar basis also needs doing.

Pasting a reply from Tim Landscheidt at

There are two aspects to this bug:

a) Geographical coordinates should be resolved internally,

without GeoHack (sic!).

b) Treat OS grid coordinates as first-class citizens.

For the first use case, there is Extension:MapSources (not
to be confused with my Extension:Mapsources :-)) for the
presentational side which has been deployed to the Wikivoy-
ages, and Extension:GeoData for a database backend.

I don't know if someone is eager to open Pandora's box and
promise support for the various other coordinate formats.

Part (a) should probably be treated as a separate bug, and/or spunoff if there's no duplicate.

Regarding supporting OS grid refs, the direction of travel seems to me to be towards the OS providing co-ordinates using (as an option, if not the default) the international datum (I moaned about this issue to their head of these things. He seemed receptive). One can always convert coordinates using a bot, as I have done.

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Looks like the user wants a similar solution to the Booksources special page and not specific magic links. If it's magic links the user wants, that's going to end up declined per T145604#2925139.