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IME feature should be disabled by default
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It would make sense to disable the IME feature by default and only enable it for specific languages. IME is also causing UI problems on - see

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Yes, we will be soon working on an option to disable IME system. We are discussing possible UI/UX for that now.

The idea is to provide a default initial state (enabled or disabled) that can be determined by site, accept language and user location. In any case, user explicit decision to enable/disable takes precedence over the default initial state. This can be set through the input method settings.

The above covers our goals for not disturbing users that are not likely to need help for input, but provide it to users that do so. Some mock ups are available with more detail at

Note that currently the dialog needs to be changed to behave as described in the mock ups:

  • When Input methods are disabled, no language or input method selection should be visible.
  • When Input Methods are enabled, no explicit state text is needed for "input method tools are enabled" (it should be shown only when disabled).

This issue summary is not getting a high priority

An option wgULSIMEEnabled introduced in gerrit Ic5fb4932,