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Gerrit fails on IE 10
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Went to look up a code review request on my Surface tablet (Windows RT) and found that Gerrit doesn't seem to like IE 10 much.

An alert pops up:

"ERROR: Possible problem with your *.gwt.xml module file.
The compile time user.agent value (ie8) does not match the runtime user.agent value (ie9). Expect more errors."

Hitting OK dismisses the alert, but the Gerrit UI doesn't finish loading and you can neither read nor update the patchset.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal
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I doubt anyone upstream has used IE10 yet ;-)

"IE 10: it's not half bad, but it's still IE." :)

I'd be less miffed if Windows RT let you install alternate browsers. *cough cough* Ah well I'll just use my real computer for code reviews for now. ;)

Identical bug. It happens on every IE release :\

Looks like GWT doesn't support IE10 yet. GWT 2.5.1 looks like it will, though[0]. Don't know when the release will be (they said September :() or when it'll make it into Gerrit.


therr's a suggestion to enable compatibility mode; might try futzing with that in the meantime.

You could also try client-side browser detection. This has come up on the Gerrit list.

Confirmed IE 10 can now view gerrit. :D

Tested desktop IE on Windows 8 Pro.