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Article Feedback CTA (Call to action) buttons are hard to read in Monobook skin
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Screenshot showing a CTA button that is hard to read in Monobook skin

When testing Article Feedback using the Monobook skin on Firefox, the Call to Action (CTA) that normally show up as blue on Vector skins are displayed as gray on Monobook, which makes them hard to read (see attached screenshot, where 'See all comments' is shown in white text against light gray).

It should be more legible, following our conventions for how buttons are displayed on Monobook. For example, we could aim to make the text lettering have more contrast against gray buttons (e.g.: using black font or making the gray button background color darker), if either solution is acceptable within Monobook style guide.

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The problems is that no such buttons are defined in Monobook skin. We could either create those buttons ourselves for AFT (I don't support this, or some day we'll end up with 10 self-defined styles in modules and hardly a way for a skin to overwrite it should it so desire) or live with the fact that the buttons are not blue.

Apart from the blue background, I was able to update the font color. Instead of the white text on a light-gray background, it'll be a dark text now (which is the default button style for non-Vector skins).

Patch in Gerrit:
Should be on labs shortly

I am not able to test this on beta labs, since AFT5 doesn't seem to be available at this time, on pages like this one:

I don't know what happened to labs, but it's been functional since I woke up.
You won't be able to test it yet though; still needs to be reviewed.

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noleander wrote:

I am a user who reported this bug at

The symptom is that the "Post your feedback" button is nearly invisible after clicking Yes/No.

The bug is _not_ Monobook only. It happens in all skins for me. I am using Chrome browser on Mac. The problem also happens on my Windows platform (with Chrome). The problem does _not_ happen if I don't login. Therefore, it seems to be related to my personal WP preferences. But, it is not just the Monobook skin.

noleander wrote:

... also, the problem shows up (with me logged into WP) on Windows platform, Internet Explorer browser. So it is not related to Chrome browser.

noleander wrote:

... also, I eliminated my Custom CSS (& Custom JavaScript) files (they had a few small items in them) but the problem still happens.

By the way: the "Post your feedback" button _is_ faintly visible: but the buttons background color is a very light grey, nearly white, hence the entire button is almost invisible.

It is indeed not Monobook- or browser-only.
Only Vector has the CSS for a blue button. All other skins do not. AFT did define the text color (white) though, making for a bad combo (light gray button/white text color) on all skins but Vector. will undo said fixed white color. In Vector, button will then be blue with white text; other skins will have light-gray button with dark text.

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