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MathJax displays raw HTML for <math> inside attributes
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Test the following code with MathJax:

<span title="<math>x^2</math>"><math>x^2</math></span>

[Q: Why should anyone put <math> inside a title attribute?
A: Some templates for citing books use micro-formats, so this

actually does happen.]

This is shown as


In PNG-mode the output looks correct.

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After Math extensions parser hook, the output becomes:

<span class="tex"><span class="tex" dir="ltr">$ x^2 $</span></span>

possibly there is some Tidy cleanup going on as well. This might 'work' with image mode, but such is pure accidental:

PNG mode:
<span class="tex"><img class="tex hide-images-handled" alt="x^2" src="//"></span>

What about using $(node).text() instead of node.innerHTML in the ConvertMath function in modules/MathJax/extensions/wiki2jax.js? That way it should at least display correctly.

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