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New messages link missing on
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The link to Special:NewMessages is missing on It should be visible after "My watchlist", but it isn't there. Special:newMessages is still functional, but there now seems to no longer be a way to get to one's new messages other than through Special:SpecialPages.

Marking this as a regression.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.Nov 22 2014, 1:15 AM
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siebrand created this task.Nov 6 2012, 8:10 AM

Isn't this intended behaviour? When Echo is enabled, it does this in wfLiquidThreadsSetupEcho:
$wgLiquidThreadsNotificationTypes = array( 'echo' );
Thus causing 'standard' to never be in $wgLiquidThreadsNotificationTypes and therefore LQT will not show the new messages link (see LqtHooks::setNewtalkHTML).

This is definitely intended - Gerrit change 16865

We could choose to have both displaying, but that's a site config change, not an LQT regression.

What?! There's no way to see unread messages anymore now. That's really not acceptable. All Lqt conversations are shoved under the rug now. Which product manager is responsible for this decision and what's the motivation?

Andrew Garret would be the only person who has made any decision about this, and it certainly isn't set in stone. There's an email thread on the E2 list about LiquidThreads + Echo, but it hasn't reached any useful conclusions yet. Any suggestions or input would be welcome.

I'll see about getting the New messages link restored in the meantime.

I think bug 20541 is the original place where this was discussed/decided.

Bsitu has uploaded Gerrit change 32084

Having both would be a transitional arrangement. I think that such things should be done in the site configuration file instead of in the default configuration file.

CCing Krinkle who also reported this in bug 41830 - please see Andrew's comment on this bug and the Gerrit change.

Gerrit change abandoned by owner - this is intentional. Marking WONTFIX.