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Can't edit anything on the item when [edit] links in preferences turned off
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[edit] links turned off in Preferences -> no edit possibility of the item

Can't edit anything on the item when [edit] links in preferences turned off.

Even though I have right-click-edit enabled, that does not help.

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no-edit-on-wikidata.png (653×1 px, 44 KB)



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 12:46 AM
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For the time being, a temporary hack in the form of

.ns-0 td.editsection { display: table-cell; }
.ns-0 span.editsection { display: inline; }

could be applied, but it's just a temporary hack.

  1. .editsection should never be table cell, it actually should have always the same structure - there are bunch of scripts working with it
  2. .editsection should never contain both edit and remove (and save and cancel) links since they are not *edit*
  3. .editsection preferably should not be used for these links at all (especially for this particular preferences set reason, especially when there is no way for right-click-edit), suggesting .editpart/.edititem or whatever for the interwiki item and .editlabel .editdescription for label and description

I've moved that hack based on the code by Danny B. into the Common.css So this bug is no longer reproducible/ occurring on

This is only a dirty workaround, so we really should get this fixed somehow (maybe just remove the class 'editsection' from the links in the wikibase NS?)

Reopening - no link to Git diff/patch, no info about merging etc.

Change I0169fc5c: (bug 41840) Rename editsection css class to wb-editsection.
Change merged.