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Update names of special pages for Ukrainian
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There are some names of special pages in Ukrainian on translatewiki that are not deployed yet to Ukrainian Wikipedia. For example, Special:ExpandTemplates. Could it be done ASAP?

Now some names are in Russian which is the fallback language for Ukrainian in MediaWiki, for some reason, and it causes problems as not all Ukrainians understand Russian, and even more Ukrainians don't have Russian keyboard installed in order to be able to type characters that are present in Russian but are absent in Ukrainian (I personally have this problem as well)

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: normal



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Translated already => not an issue in MediaWiki code => moving to Wikimedia (deployment).

The translation workflow works like this:

(1) translation on TranslateWiki
(2) the translation is exported and core (or extension) files are updated
(3) when a new version of MediaWiki is deployed, the translation files are deployed too (in the general timeframe, not the i18n one, which is for I18n specific products like Narayam).

The deployment schedule could be consulted at the following URL:

It means this issue should be normally fixed Wednesday 14th (I think Monday is for en., Wednesday for other wikis).

Please get in touch with Sam, Aaron or RobLa if you need an emergency language files update with strong argument this couldn't wait 6 days.

I don't see names of special pages there. In particular, the Ukrainian name for Special:ExpandTemplates. Is there some other source file for this purpose?

Gerrit change 32265 contains the yesterday's translations.

Would you know when the special pages names have been translated?

Sorry, I'm not following. As far as I know special page names could be translated via translatewiki here:
I have no idea where MediaWiki stores these translations, but I don't see them in /languages/messages/MessagesUk.php.

If you give me the date the sentences have been translated on translatewiki, I can check if all is fine.

Okay, I confirm the core MessagesUk.php contains well this translation.

There are rather old: 2012-06-07, 2012-06-11, 2012-08-26 (I got these dates through git blame -L 105,199 languages/messages/MessagesUk.php).

So, if confirmed, it would mean the special page names on the wiki don't match the translation.

[ CCing Siebrand and Niklas Laxström ]

Sorry for probably a stupid question, but could you point me out which line of MessagesUk.php (;a=blob;f=languages/messages/MessagesUk.php;h=b538baf0a4527c03da458171eae8de1872b418b0;hb=master) contains a translation for the name of Special:ExpandTemplates page, for instance?

You're talking about made on November 1st. I'd have expected that to be in ExpandTemplates.alias.php within a day. It hasn't shown up in there, so obviously something is broken in the export of special page aliases.

I'll do some prodding and see if I can find out what's causing it. I have an idea. It may be that Niklas broke something recently. Will hopefully report on this within 12 hours or so.

Commits are running now. Special page names will be updated when MediaWiki 1.21wmf4 is deployed to your wiki.

(In reply to comment #10)

Sorry for probably a stupid question, but could you point me out which line of
contains a translation for the name of Special:ExpandTemplates page, for

The answer is that it is not in there. ExpandTemplates is a MediaWiki extension that defines it's special page names in the extension. MessagesUk.php only contains special page names for special pages that are part of MediaWiki core.

So the file you're looking for is in another repo (all URLs shorted, because bugzilla fucks them up), namely that of ExpandTemplates:

The link to the file is The translation is on line 307.