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jquery.textSelection tests fail on Opera
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Four QUnit tests for $.textSelection currently fail on Opera 12.10, on current master.

I didn't look into it, but Opera is special-cased in the tests themselves, so it's either the special-casing being done wrong, or Opera 12.10 (released just a few days ago) started doing the same thing that other browsers do.

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Severity: trivial



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  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 34820 ***

This is not a dupe, bug 34820 concerns a different test.

Submitted a patch for this particular issue: Ide3a95e8.

With the information provided, this doesn't seem eligible for backporting: is this a bug one wouldn't update for?

Hm, probably not. Which 'stable' version does Backport_to_Stable refer to, actually? I mostly meant this for 1.21, I think I got a little confused.

Stable is a released version, like 1.20.x. :)

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Change-Id: Ide3a95e8e86ee65c8e1ea357aefa44dd2bbd4ed4