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2620:0:861:1::2 resolves to, but has not this IPv6-adress-entry.
Following some log-lines from my mail-server:
Nov 9 22:07:54 platon postfix/smtpd[8917]: warning: 2620:0:861:1::2: address not listed for hostname
Nov 9 22:07:54 platon postfix/smtpd[8917]: connect from unknown[2620:0:861:1::2]
Nov 9 22:07:54 platon postfix/smtpd[8917]: 6CE95AFB1E: client=unknown[2620:0:861:1::2]

and from host:
00:29:24dab@dabpc:~$ host 2620:0:861:1::2 domain name pointer
00:31:39dab@dabpc:~$ host has address mail is handled by 60 mail is handled by 10


I hope that help you to fix this little problem.


Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: minor
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