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Cannot view Wikidata item content in languages that the user doens't claim to speak
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I managed to find that was a duplicate only because I correctly guessed that the IP which created it did so in Italian. If this was in, for example, Arabic, I would have had no way of telling what this newly-made page had as its content without first trying to guess the correct language - not even with Special:Undelete.

This isn't as bad for diffs because the edit summaries automatically show which language the change was made in, but for the first edit that creates the entry, I have no such aid, as the edit summary says nothing about the language used.

One possible remedy may be a "view all languages" option, either as a special page or another tab, or, perhaps more easily, show which language the initial edit was made in.

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There is a partial solution in change I2ed8bb96: First try on Multilabels

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change Ie91ca208: (bug 41994) display labels and descriptions in user languages

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change I33ea4cae: (bug 41994) display labels and descriptions in user languages

[replacing wikidata keyword by adding CC - see bug 56417]

I've retitled the bug (problem isn't just for *new* items, it's for *all* items that doesn't have a description or interwiki in a language you speak).

Obviously, I can't *edit* item content in languages that I don't speak, either.

My proposed solution would be that, at the bottom of the "in other languages" box (currently only displaying languages on the user's #Babel), an additional "in other languages" button is displayed. On clicking that new button, all languages which have an item name and/or description will be displayed. At the bottom of that, there should be an "add" button for adding item descriptions in arbitrary languages, similar to the [add] button at the bottom of the interwiki list.

Technically you can add {{#babel|foo-0}}, but that's terrible and isn't a proper solution.

@Kunal: Actually, no. If you don't speak a particular language, you won't even know that the content exists.

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The language fallbacks we just introduced fix a lot of this. The rest will come with the new header design. I am going to close this as we don't need to keep it around.