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Find common range box must always flow left-to-right
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As of now, "find common range" box follows the content's directionality. This is bad practice because IP address are always left-to-right.

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Gerrit 32920 should fix it.

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In this screenshot, the content of CIDR box flow from right to left, therefore the text "1 2" (without quotes) look like "2 1"

I'm attaching a screenshot, for the sake of clarity of bug report, per saper's request.


To reproduce, I switched by test wiki to:

$wgLanguageCode = "yi";

and set my user prefs to Yiddish, too.

I can confirm that the gerrit patch 32920 changes the directionality of the Javascript IP address entry box.

However, this seems inconsistent with the main CheckUser query box at the top of the form - even with this patch "" entered there comes in RTL.
Which is understandable, because this fields is also used to enter usernames.

I am a CheckUser on Wikimedia projects, but on an RTL one. It seems inconsistent to me, but for the sake of a good directionality a separate input box of IP addresses should be provided? (I'd prefer a proper HTML solution, not a JavaScript trick hacking the directionality of the existing input box).

I meant I am *not* on the RTL project. I'm CU on plwiki, which is LTR only.

Your observation is correct. The query box follows the directionality of the content, because on many RTL projects, a significant number of users have accounts that are in RTL. That is why I hesitated to change that. Of course, users can switch directionality of that box using browser features (context menu, keyboard shortcut, etc.)

However, CIDR box is solely used for IP address, and it is never needed to be in RTL.

So, the question is, shall we have a separate IP address entry box then?

In my humble opinion, we shouldn't. It adds to confusion. Besides, RTL users are used to this phenomenon (it is not just the CU tool; the MediaWiki proper also has fields where you can enter a username or an IP address, such as on Special:Contribution and we don't have a separate IP field there, so we shouldn't have one for CU either).