Configure MathJax for en.wikibooks
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Author: benson_muite

Hi, Can you please install the mathjax mediawiki extension:

as well as the syntax highlighting extension:

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Severity: enhancement


bzimport set Reference to bz42061.
bzimport added a subscriber: Unknown Object (MLST).

benson_muite wrote:

These are useful for the wikibook:

You want these installed on wikibooks..? Which language? Does the community support this?

benson_muite wrote:

Yes, I would like these installed. Currently needed in English. Not sure if the community supports this, but these packages are essential for rendering mathematics correctly. Mathjax is supported by a large number of mathematics organizations, see

Syntax highlighting is less essential, but would also be quite useful.

All wikis already have SyntaxHighlight and MathJax support via the Math extension. You can turn on MathJax rendering by going to

benson_muite wrote:

Thanks. Is it possible to make this the default for a particular set of pages rather than a personal preference?


What we can do is to define it as a default preference for anonymous users and newly registered accounts.

Existing user accounts will keep their current setting.

benson_muite wrote:

That should be fine. Is it possible to change some of the local configuration settings for mathjax so that it is easier to display LaTeX formulae and equation numbers. In particular, the sections below relevant to mathjax:


  1. This file was automatically generated by the MediaWiki 1.18.1
  2. installer. If you make manual changes, please keep track in case you
  3. need to recreate them later. #
  4. See includes/DefaultSettings.php for all configurable settings
  5. and their default values, but don't forget to make changes in _this_
  6. file, not there. #
  7. Further documentation for configuration settings may be found at:

#$wgTexvc = '/mediawiki/extensions/Math/math/texvc';

MathJax_Parser::$MathJaxJS = '';
MathJax_Parser::$MathJaxConfig = "$IP/extensions/MathJax/mwMathJaxConfig.js";
MathJax_Parser::$disabled = false;
MathJax_Parser::$do_number = true;
MathJax_Parser::$do_dollar = true;
MathJax_Parser::$do_dollardollar = true;

$wgParserCacheType = CACHE_NONE;

$wgEnableUploads = true;

This need to be discussed first on the local wiki.

Appropriated place could be

Once you got a local consensus, we'll be able to fulfill your request.

benson_muite wrote:

Have started a discussion. Thanks.

benson_muite wrote:

Have started a discussion. Thanks.

benson_muite wrote:

Example of how such a configuration helps LaTeX users create a wiki can be found here:

(In reply to comment #10)

Have started a discussion. Thanks.

URL/link welcome.

benson_muite wrote:

Related discussion is here:

Closing as RESOLVED INVALID since there hasn't been any update on this bug for six months. Please feel free to reopen if you still want to get this done & get community consensus.

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