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VisualEditor: Sync availability of "minor edit" with MW backend
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Currently when using VisualEditor to create a new page, the "Save page" dialog box offers two checkboxes below the edit summary field: "This is a minor edit" and "Watch this page".

When creating a page, "This is a minor edit" does not typically show up. It's a bug that the checkbox appears when creating a page with the VisualEditor interface.

This bug is closely related to bug 40774.

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Severity: trivial



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The EditPage backends has this logic in three places:

  • Getting html of checkboxes (only if user has minoredit right and if not on a new page)
  • Setting initial values of checkboxes (if user has minordefault preference)
  • Processing the save action with the minoredit flag (only if has user right and not on a new page)

Change-Id: I9c659845feebb3e9bbf8e13ee67be27c6adb4321

Code now live in master; will get deployed in the next cycle.