VisualEditor: Toolbar "Save page" button is confusing as it merely opens the dialog to save the page


Currently when using the VisualEditor extension, there's a big green button that reads "Save page" in the top-right corner of the browsing window.

When a user clicks this button labeled "Save page", the page is not saved. Instead, a dialog box appears in which the user is prompted to enter an edit summary. If the user then clicks the "Save page" button again (a second time), the page will be saved (maybe).

I believe this is behavior is a little wrong. Historically the behavior of the "Save page" button has been to actually attempt to save the page to the database. This new workflow changes that behavior.

Roan suggested perhaps changing "Save page" to read "Save page...", which would give the user a clue that it's going to be a process, not an immediate action.

There's also no warning within the "Save page" dialog box that says that the page has not yet been saved to the database. There's no "this is only a preview!" text. Perhaps that's a separate bug, though.

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Filing without prejudice as to whether we should implement.

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Setting milestone to 2013-06-27 since it is marked as blocker for "Beta" (2013-07). It may be moved to an earlier milestone as we see fit. But no later than 06-27. Setting it since I use milestone to sort "My bugs".

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I agree the toolbar button needs improvement, but imho changing the label from "Save page" to "Save page..." is not an improvement.

It doesn't clarify or improve the user experience, it only makes it more mysterious.

I'd prefer we look for another solution, but I think the current situation is better than having "..." tacked on to the label.

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There have been a lot of complaints about this on the enwiki feedback page. One especially interesting point was raised by the ever-wise John Broughton:

["Save page"] is the same label as on the button, in the old editing interface, that completed the edit session. Lots of effort has been made, over the years, to encourage editors to write an edit summary before they click "Save page", and now VE is designed exactly the opposite. The button ought to be labeled "Finish edit" or "Continue" or "Final steps" or just about anything other than "Save page".
The current problem is even worse than just one poorly labeled button. In VE, after clicking "Save page", a dialog box appears that also has a "Save page" button. So now an editor has to understand that the two "Save page" buttons do not do the same thing. And documentation (when it's written) is going to have to clarify which "Save page" button is being referred to - unless the label on the first occurrence of "Save page" is changed, as it should be.

The button label on enwiki was modified to "Finish edit" per [[MediaWiki:Visualeditor-toolbar-savedialog]].

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