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edit conflict sometimes does not show the current text - new text not loaded from master?
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Some edit conflicts shows a diff against the old text from before the edit conflicts, which results in a diff, which shows only the own added lines.

When saving this edit, the conflict edit is lost.

This sounds like a lag issue. The editpage does not load the text from master to get the very current version to show here.

Please have a look here. Thanks.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: major
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URLs and examples to track this down extremely welcome, in general.
Is this about Wikipedia, or about other pages? Which language?

This was happen yesterday on de.wp. De.wp was slow (and the styles was missing)

I have seen the bad diff and than reload the page and readded my comment to the section, so no data was lost.

The conflict was with [1] and my manual readded edit was saved as [2]


Umherirrender: Have you seen this problem again recently?

No, but I have not often a edit conflict. And when I have a conflict in a discussion, I copy my added text, reopen the page and than the section, paste and save, so I not looking for that.
But there are also less people, who telling that problem on de.wp village pump. Maybe the server are not so busy in the last time, so this not happen.

Can this be the underlying cause for diff/merge/edit conflict detection confusions as on bug 21494 and related?
And is it a WMF-only DB problem or is this (MediaWiki) the correct product?

This scenario happened to me on Wikidata today, too: When I wanted to add an deletion request [1], I was shown an edit conflict. The diff only contained my change, when I copied it to the upper edit box and saved successfully, I reverted Ymblanter's change, he did some seconds before [2].

I had some other edit conflicts where only my change was shown in the diff, but on these other occassions I resolved them by starting a fresh edit, so I didn't revert the other change accidentally.


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