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Site links removed when changing different site link
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When I modify a site link, another unrelated site link that I didn't touch also gets removed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. make an item with en label "Map"
  2. add some site links: enwiki => Map, jawiki => 地図, arwiki => خريطة (seems I have reloaded the page here, perhaps after step #2)
  3. add another site link: dewiki => Karte (Kartografie)
  4. change enwiki site link: Map => Maple syrup

all is good at this point, but then:

  1. change enwiki site link back: Maple syrup => Map and along with updating the enwiki sitelink, the dewiki one gets removed in the same diff. I did not touch that one.

It shows as deleted in wb_items_per_site in my repo and in the diff being reported in the change propagation stuff. The site link is there in the DB during step 3 and 4, and enwiki, jawiki and arwiki site links are still there after step 5.

If I reload the page after step #3, the site link does not get removed in step #5.

If I add more than one site link (e.g. dewiki and eswiki) between step #2 and #4, then both of them get removed in step #5.

Version: master
Severity: critical



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