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page history shows unreviewed revisions, reverts in wrong order
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The vandalism
was reverted in

The history contains these two versions in reverse order

(Aktuell | Vorherige) 16:19, 20. Nov. 2012‎ (Diskussion)‎ . . (61.254 Byte) (+7)‎ . . (→‎Epidemiologie) (rückgängig) [Markierung ausstehend]
(Aktuell | Vorherige) 16:19, 20. Nov. 2012‎ D (Diskussion | Beiträge)‎ K . . (61.247 Byte) (-7)‎ . . (Änderungen von (Diskussion) wurden auf die letzte Version von Buchexperte zurückgesetzt) (rückgängig) [automatisch gesichtet]
(Aktuell | Vorherige) 12:45, 20. Nov. 2012‎ Buchexperte (Diskussion | Beiträge)‎ K . . (61.247 Byte) (-5)‎ . . (Fix Überschriftenstruktur) (rückgängig) [automatisch gesichtet]

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Fomafix created this task.Nov 20 2012, 6:28 PM

Looks like a FlaggedRevs problem, unreviewed revs are always shown at the top and I guess FR just didn't's revision as reverted for some reason.

didn't mark*

Looking at the seconds:

  1. Nov. 2012, 16:19:34‎
  2. Nov. 2012, 16:19:32‎ D

But that means the inserting of the revision from was done 2 seconds after the revert, but without the revision, you cannot revert ??

Looking at the revids:

oldid=110726365 D

That means, the revision id of the ip was created earlier than the revert. Maybe User:D is using the IRC Feed, which was sent, but the revision was not ready inserted? Or the RecentChanges were faster than the revision table?

sumanah wrote:

Has this been reproduced again within the last few weeks (in the current deployment cycle)?

Code problem is very likely a dup of bug 2930, the instance where this happened could block bug 16660.

Can someone make a database query to count how often such a problem exist?

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