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Thumbnails of images with "+" in filename do not show
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At the Commons, there have been two recent error reports about thumbnails not being generated. The two files mentioned are
File:Mount Everest 1980 - Norbu+Heinrich.jpg

The second one has in the meantime been moved to

File:Mount Everest 1980 - Norbu and Heinrich.jpg

which resolves the problem.

See also bug 8045, which was marked as "fixed" in 2007, but apparently without anybody knowing what "fixed" it.

Evidently this needs re-fixing.

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Severity: major



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CC'ing aaron as someone involved with swift on the off chance this is swift related.

(In reply to comment #3)

I had to add garbage to the url to make it work it seems there are some 404s in the varnish cache (not sure what the TTL is).

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