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Some Thumbnails are not created
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Author: bugzilla

For this Image

the thumbnail is not created. Media-Wiki tells the thumbnail parameters are invalid.

The error also occurs on 1.19.2 and 1.20.

Thumbnails are created in general but a few of them are not.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: normal



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The pixel size of the file is 3.264 × 4.928.
Does the same problem happen for files with a similar (or even larger) size?

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bugzilla wrote:

@Andre - Thank you for your answer. It's the right Question :-)

Meanwhile I found the solution.

$wgMaxImageArea = 1.25e7; is too small.

My first Solution:
$wgMaxImageArea = $wgMaxImageArea * 100

Background File: Bitmap.php:

Til 18.4 (incl.):

		if ( $mimeType !== 'image/jpeg' &&
			$srcWidth * $srcHeight > $wgMaxImageArea )
			return false;

Since 19.0:

			if ( $srcWidth * $srcHeight > $wgMaxImageArea &&
					!( $image->getMimeType() == 'image/jpeg' &&
						self::getScalerType( false, false ) == 'im' ) ) {
				# Only ImageMagick can efficiently downsize jpg images without loading
				# the entire file in memory
				return false;
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