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VisualEditor: Delete and backspace broken around inline aliens in Firefox
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When I place the cursor before the template output, and press "Delete", it deletes the template and one more character after the template. When I place the cursor after the template output and press "Backspace", it does not delete the template (simply does nothing).

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Trivial test case: Start with an article with an inline alien - e.g. "ABC<tt>:-)</tt>DEF". Place the cursor immediately after C, and press (forwards) delete; instead of just deleting the alien, it also deletes D.

Undo; place cursor immediately before D (just after the alien), and press backspace; instead of deleting the alien, it does nothing.

Confirmed in Firefox.

Resolved in I73215df88519450965be35d9e04cf4e621d1e90d