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The create item link in Special:ItemDisambiguation
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Something strange is going on here. This is fixed in really old changes. See for example
Change I36e6abf5: (Bug 39485) Encode params for ItemByLabel and ItemByTitle

Also there are old bugs about this; Bug 39485 - Add item link is broken on Special:ItemByTitle, Bug 42149 - Broken link in the invitation for users to update the item

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Looks good to me, cannot reproduce. Is this still the case? (if so, set status back to NEW)

Yes, it is happening in production right now:

ItemByLabel is now called ItemDisambiguation. You can see that both the link and visible text are broken.

And the message is straight from code:

That fix looks correct. Looking at the code, it seems to have been lost in a merge somewhere along the way.

Change 71763 had a related patch set uploaded by Aude:
(bug 42358) url encode label in item disambiguation create item link

Change 71763 merged by jenkins-bot:
(bug 42358) url encode label in item disambiguation create item link

Verified in Wikidata demo time July 17th