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uzwiki lists latin variants twice (as uz and uz-latn) on variant selection list
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I think this bug is related to [[bugzilla:42397]].
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The variant selection box lists uz, uz-latn and uz-cyrl . I think option uz schould be removed from variant list. On no other variant wiki the general wiki language code is selectable as variant (e.g. srwiki only contains sr-el and sr-ec but not sr in this list).

Different to other variants the uz variants are not usable as uselang value. Maybe the cause is related.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal
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This is default MediaWiki behaviour. The first option can be hidden by adding "disable" in the respective MediaWiki message, for Serbian this is

However, I tried adding "disable" to but then the option was still there, without text then.

And uselang is not usable simply because the variants do not have a separate MediaWiki localisation (i.e. Names.php includes sr, sr-ec and sr-el but only uz). Uzbek only has a language converter.

[replacing wikidata keyword by adding CC - see bug 56417]

I am having a hard time figuring out what Wikidata's part is in all this. Can someone who knows what this bug is about please check if it is still an issue? And if yes clarify the description here? Thanks!

Removing Wikidata as CC since this is not directly about Wikidata.

Closing per my comment 1. Any Uzbek-specific bugs should be fixed by gerrit change 132423; any remaining bugs (like the "disable" that doesn't appear to work) should be filed as a separate bug.