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Disabling desktop view is broken
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Author: afeldman

If a user on the mobile site using a normally redirected browser views an article in desktop mode, and then attempts to switch back to mobile with the link at the bottom of every page, they are still left with a cookie that bypasses the mobile redirect. Any normal link to wikipedia takes them to the desktop site only.

This has been tested on ios 5.1 and 6.0.1 devices.

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Just confirmed with stock browser and chrome on Android 4.1.1, although I cannot replicate the problem in my iOS 6.0 simulator. Something must've gone amiss with the JS that unsets the cookie.

It looks like when the concept of ResourceLoader 'targets' was introduced, all RL modules in MobileFrontend were given a target of 'mobile' - which is incorrect for the JS that unsets the stopMobileRedirect cookie (it should only ever load on the desktop site). I suspect this is what is causing the issue. Fixed in