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MobileFrontend beta dynamic post-search loading fails to initialize sections if previous page had no sections
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Steps to reproduce:

  • go to
  • open navigation
  • open settings
  • select 'beta'
  • save settings
  • back to main page
  • type "golden" into search bar
  • select "Golden-crowned Sparrow" from list of search matches

Expected behavior:

  • sections on this page should be expandable

Actual behavior:

  • sections cannot be expanded by clicking, no arrows are visible

Note that the section toggles *do* work if you do the same steps starting from

It looks like the enabling is done from a 'mw-mf-page-loaded' event, but the handler doesn't get installed if the original page had no sections.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Note that this bug appears to be live on etc right now, so it's probably not new to this week's deployment work.