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[[Special:Allmessages]] should provide information about the type of the MediaWiki message
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Author: gangleri


I suppose thet is
restricted to sysops, stewards, developers.

<b>Never, <i>ever</i>, change something here without <i>explicit</i> community
'''Never, ''ever'', change something here without ''explicit'' community
generate bold / italic text.

But this is not the issue of this bug report.

During translation of the MediaWiki user interface I experienced that the
individual messages may have different atributes / may be of different type:

  • some support wiki syntax
  • some support only (X)HTML (?)
  • some none of the two mentioned above
  • some are active only for the content language as Monobook.css (?)
  • some will overwrite the message from the content language
  • other criterias (?)

These informations should dispay as abreviations in [[Special:Allmessages]]
"near" the title of the message.

Many titles indicate by their first characters to what feature / special page
they relate. Neither a "''used in''" (whis is a "nice to have") nor a
"dependency of configurations - feature activated or not) is required here.

Regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: enhancement



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gangleri wrote:

note from related bug 2475: Translations should not use localized namespaces in

regarding clasification:
some MediaWiki messages are titles but other are pages ([[MediaWiki:Mainpage]],
[[MediaWiki:Currentevents-url]] other "-url"s)
some are values of a selection "show" / "hide" [[MediaWiki:Show]] /
some add explaing text to a particular selection [[MediaWiki:Showhideminor]]

gangleri wrote:

addition regarding the "type of the MediaWiki message" classification:

some MediaWiki messages will be "preserved" if another user interface is
selected trough preferences or uselang=xx as [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]],
[[MediaWiki:Monobook.js]] others *not*.

gangleri wrote:

*more details*
for the translation of the MediaWiki user interface it is important to know how
&#nnnn; will be handeled / rendered, if it generates
a) &#nnnn; (untranslated)
b) the corresponding Unicode character

example where much time is / was wasted:

  1. attachment

from Bug 4114: RTL related issue with Mozilla Firefox and Netscape: text and
checkboxes get squeezed; implement workaround

  1. Bug 4024: &foo;-style character conversion is blocked in MediaWiki messages
  • Bug 8521 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
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