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lift IP rate limit - Mumbai outreach event - 2012-12-08
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Author: ntandon

The local community is conducting an outreach event at Mumbai on Dec 8th 2012.
This will include an intro Wikipedia, an editing workshop and hands-on basic

We are expecting about 40 people to attend. One of the things we'd like to
do is encourage potential newbie participants to create their own usernames
during the session and learn editing by trying something similar there and

Could I please request you to remove the 7 username in a 6 hour period on Marathi Wikipedia ( for the following IP address for for the duration of the workshop (Dec 8th 2012 between 08.30 and 14.30 UTC.)

(Workshop is for 3 hours but I'm requesting 6 hours just in case we are over
time or someone stays back to edit.)

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ntandon wrote:

Could you please release the same IP ( from this rule on English Wikipedia too, for the same date and time duration please. Thanks!

Please make these requests earlier. (48 hours is not sufficient)

ntandon wrote:

Sorry about that. I'll try and raise tickets way in advance going forward. Could you please help us this time?

Patch is awaiting merge.

If you think your request has gone unnoticed and the event is about to start, go to the IRC channel #wikimedia-tech on Freenode IRC and ask for help. (See for general info on using IRC.)

Hello, I added 2 hours at event end.

Jeremyb insists he has configured as requested, so please let me know if you have any objection to this time security margin.

If so, I'll reset the throttle limit exactly at 14:30 UTC as initially required.

comment 6 said:

Jeremyb insists he has configured as requested, so please let me know if you
have any objection to this time security margin.

Errr, "insists" is a little harsh. I just didn't think gerrit was an
appropriate place to discuss it.

We (Dereckson and I) are not planning this event (or even attending AFAIK!).
The people who are actually working on it should take into account the duration
and any possible time overruns or extra buffers desired and when during the
event they will have people doing the account creations. (this affects only
initial account creation; this does not relate to any actions taken by users
after they are logged in with their new (or old) accounts. well besides account
creation itself if those users chose to make more accounts)

We don't care so much if it's for 6 hours or 15 hours. I just prefer not to
have to draw the line myself.

Anyway, have a good and fruitful event.

I've thought about about this issue the last 5 hours and I take in conclusion I can't agree at all with this position.

We are all of us members of a community devoted to accomplish an top-level objective: share the knowledge.

Then, to achieve this top-level objective, we have different interests and responsibilities. This is true that the planning responsibility is for the event organizers and our (Jeremy's and mine) responsibility is the technical translation of the request.

But don't act with the most common sense and act like bot isn't the proper way to do things. We have to do things as best as possible, using our intelligence and faculties to do what is right.

Any other sense would be less productive, as it would lead to pervert stuff like "don't fix obvious error and don't care about what is right, let bad stuff happens, that weren't our responsibility".

Yes, this is, as our main top-level objective is identical and we're all a part of a whole.