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Change in sqwiki for FlaggedRevs
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Author: stefan_al


Albanian Wikipedia community have decided (the voting process to change the way of promotion for reviewers form manual to automatic. To do so, please replace the actual code (of with the following one:
elseif ( $wgDBname == 'sqwiki' ) {

$wgFlaggedRevsNamespaces[] = NS_CATEGORY;
$wgFlaggedRevTags['accuracy']['levels'] = 1;
$wgFlaggedRevsAutopromote = $wmfStandardAutoPromote;
$wgFlaggedRevsAutopromote['edits'] = 300;
$wgFlaggedRevsAutopromote['recentContentEdits'] = 5;
$wgFlaggedRevsAutopromote['editComments'] = 30;
$wgFlaggedRevsAutoconfirm = array(
        'days'                          => 30, # days since registration
        'edits'                    => 50, # total edit count
        'spacing'                        => 3, # spacing of edit intervals
        'benchmarks'              => 7, # how many edit intervals are needed?
        'excludeLastDays'        => 2, # exclude the last X days of edits from edit counts
        // Either totalContentEdits reqs OR totalCheckedEdits requirements needed
        'totalContentEdits'   => 150, # $wgContentNamespaces edits OR...
        'totalCheckedEdits'   => 50, # ...Edits before the stable version of pages
        'uniqueContentPages'  => 8, # $wgContentNamespaces unique pages edited
        'editComments'          => 20, # how many edit comments used?
        'email'                    => false, # user must be emailconfirmed?
        'neverBlocked'          => true, # Can users that were blocked be promoted?
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['stablesettings'] = true; // -aaron 3/20/10


Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 12:52 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz42782.

[Moving to "Wikimedia" product as this request is about settings / configuration of the website, not about the codebase of the MediaWiki project or one of its extensions.]

stefan_al wrote:

Please, could you make the above changes. The voting process ( in Albanian Wikipedia is over and the community decided to make the changes.


We had a deployment window sooner this day, and your change weren't ready.

Please allow us up to two weeks for the next configuration deployment window.

Is this acceptable or should we deploy especially this change for any urgent reason (please in this case detail a little the situation)?

I don't feel comfortable to apply your configuration change.

Please review [[en:Cargo cult programming]], this is what you're doing. You didn't explain what the German Wikipedia configuration entails to the community.

My main concerns are:

  • you don't have demonstrated to have vandalisms cases in categories namespace
  • you didn't discuss the category namespace add with the community
  • you didn't discuss the opportunity to autopromote blocked users.

stefan_al wrote:

Hello Dereckson,

I want to start it again. I understand your concerns and this gives me the obligation to discuss the changes once again with my wiki community. Just forget all about German Wikipedia configuration. I chose it as a simpler way to make the changes in configuration. It has been discussed a lot in Albanian Wikipedia Community the change of configuration in Flagged Reviewed Extension. To sum up the main changes that we want in Albanian Wikipedia for this case are:

  • Auto-promotion for registered users. When they reach 300 edits in 10 or more unique articles with a maximum of 5% reverted edits in 60 days or more since registration they must be auto-promoted to reviewer group.
  • Auto-promotion for registered users. When they reach 100 edits in 10 or more unique pages with a maximum of 5% reverted edits in 30 days or more since registration they must be auto-promoted to autoreviewer (or autopatrolled) group.

In addition reverted edits do not count, the last 2 days edits also do not count. Users that were blocked before can be autopromoted. Then, if it is possible the user should be notified automatically via email or at his discussion page.

If I am not explaining it right, please ask again. These changes are not urgent but we expect it to be done within this month.

I will notify Albanian Wikipedia community for the changes.


stefan_al wrote:

It's been almost 2 weeks since I made the changes in Albanian Wikipedia village Pump. These changes have the support of sqwiki community. Any resolution?

(In reply to comment #5)

I will notify Albanian Wikipedia community for the changes.

URL welcome that invalidates the concerns in comment 4.

eagleofal wrote:

[PATCH] (bug 42782) sqwiki: Autopromote Flagged Reviewes

I'm a local krat at sqwiki. I'm truly sorry to not have studied upon the codebase a bit, but the only changes our community wants affects only the

Unfortunately I cannot test this code, but I think it should be correct.

attachment bug-42782-sqwiki-Autopromote-Flagged-Reviewes.patch ignored as obsolete

eagleofal wrote:

[NOTFINAL][PATCH] (bug 42782) sqwiki: Autopromote Flagged Reviewes

Please ignore the previous patch, it is NOT correct.
I apologize for the accident.

Please let Eruditi confirm the edits before committing. If you could correct it or point me where to find the docs so I can correct it myself, it would be awesome (
ie. $wgFlaggedRevsAutopromote, $wgFlaggedRevsAutoconfirm default values explanations).



stefan_al wrote:

Could someone review and approve the changes of the above patch, please. I agree with the version edited by Eagleal.

Somebody would have to review the patch and copy it into Gerrit, or you could use Developer access

to submit this as a Git branch directly into Gerrit too:

(Not saying that this is the way to go, just that it might speed up the process)

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Ie1234704c6a94a7b3251b99553f6f0308c7dde4c)

I believe the patch implemented 5 years ago has a problem. It grants "autoreviewed" or "autopatrolled" after 100 edits, but it doesn't grant the status of "editor". Am I not correct? Kindly let me know.

@1l2l3k: Commenting on five year old tasks is usually not very successful.
If the motivation behind your comment was a configuration change, see - thanks.

Hello I am an administrator in sqwiki (Albanian wikipedia),
Could you please help in prohibiting the IP accounts from starting new articles?
We would like our users to register and have an account, and inhibit contributions from bare IP addresses.
Kindly let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!

@1l2l3k: Please do read my previous comment and follow the steps given in the link I provided, especially bullet point 3 in that link.