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GeoData extension needs way to specify "no coordinates relevant"
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Bug 42786 asks for an addition to the mobile interface to make it easy to submit coordinates for an article.

To do this well, we need to be able to distinguish between "article doesn't have coordinates yet" and "coordinates are not relevant" -- eg [[electricity]] has no location, electricity is everywhere. :) We don't want to keep prompting people to add a location on that page.

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@Max: Is there a bugtracker for this extension?
Would you like to have a component?

(In reply to comment #2)

Yes please.

Created, and added you as default CC.

Maybe it is easier to tag pages, which need coordinates instead of tag pages, which does not need coordinates.

Maybe a empty #coordinates results in a coordinate request or a special word is there for a coordinate request (see [[Category:Articles needing coordinates]])

We have Wikidata now, it can be used for querying entity type and figuring out whether this entity can have coordinates. This would be much more scalable than making poor users put magic words on pages.