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Translate extension has strange IRC (UDP) feed output
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I have an IRC bot that bridges and I recently spotted this entry in my scrollback:

Eloquence marked revision 4742361 of page "<a href="/wiki/Language_proposal_policy" title="Language proposal policy">Language proposal policy</a>" for translation;

The HTML looks funky and should not be there. The bot is almost certainly not responsible for this error. I imagine there's a bug in the Translate extension somewhere.

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I'm not sure this can be considered a Translate bug: it looks like bug 34508 comment 28 etc.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 34980 ***

Re-opening. What the fuck? It's obviously not fixed if I saw this issue yesterday.

This is a problem in Translate extension, not in core.

Niklas, isn't this fixed by your logging system revamp?

Looks ok.

21.18 <@rc-pmtpa> [[Special:Log/pagetranslation]] mark * Nemo bis * Nemo bis marked [[Mission]] for translation