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FlaggedRevs sometimes not autopromoting users when it should (on pl.wikipedia)
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We've noticed that FlaggedRevs on pl.wikipedia sometimes doesn't autopromote users which appear to be eligible for it.

Looking through the rules available at [1], this user[2] appears eligible for autopromotion (I manually checked, he fulfills all listed conditions) - however, he still wasn't promoted to the 'reviewer' status[3].

This is somewhat rare, but it did happen at least a few times (sorry, but currently I don't have any more examples at hand). I think in most cases the user was granted the right manually, by an administrator passing by.

(I didn't know whether to report this under Extensions/Flaggedrevs or under Wikimedia; I eventually chose the former.)

[1] , grep for 'plwiki'

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Are editors on plwiki still facing this issue?

Are editors on plwiki still facing this issue?


matmarex closed this task as Declined.Sep 14 2020, 3:32 PM

Whatever caused this issue back in 2012 when I filed this, it's probably not relevant now.

The currently ongoing issue affecting pl.wp and several other sites is tracked in T237191: FlaggedRevs: Automatic user promotion stopped working on some wikis on June 24, 2019.