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Uncentered caption text in gallery image is page-left (rather than image-frame-left) justified
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Author: rocketman1937

Problem encountered editing Wikipedia December 12, 2012.


  1. Given a titled gallery with a captioned image (single image file in my problem case)
  1. The gallery is centered by bracketing with <center> and </center>

This results in the captioning text to also be centered (this is not unexpected).

  1. Attempt to uncenter the captioning by bracketing the caption text with </center> and <center>

This results in the caption text appearing fully left justified using the page boundary rather than the gallery image box outer boundary.

WORK AROUND (for this specific single image case):

A.) Close the gallery with </gallery>after the gallery image title

B.) Display the image file as a "thumb" of the appropriate width using the "centered" option. (This will not center the text, but note that the text may be centered explicitly by bracketing with <center> </center>)

ALTERNATE WORK-AROUND (Also only for single image case):

After closing the gallery Display the image file as a "wide image", these are automatically centered and default to left justified text.


No attempt was made to check the case of multiple images with uncentered text, this should be part of the post-fix testing.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: minor
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Thanks for taking the time to report this!
If possible, please provide an example web address (URL) - that makes it easier to test/reproduce.

rocketman1937 wrote:


Section "Demo Two" - this illustrates the problem

Note that I am proposing the addition of <left>...<left> and <right>...<right> which would work similar to <center>...</center>


rocketman1937 wrote:

P.S. Additional whitespace is not my addition - it is an addtional error effect.

Two work-arounds are shown, by using "thumb" and by using "wide image"

rocketman1937 wrote:

Question: How do I file a feature request?

  • Leonard

(In reply to comment #4)

Question: How do I file a feature request?

See - set severity to "enhancement".

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Marking as invalid since this is impossible with how HTML works. You can't "un-center" content that is inside a <center> tag. For example, this can't work (this is adapted from the example in the description, just simplified):

<gallery caption="Centered gallery">
File:Example.jpg|</center>Left-aligned caption<center>