Parsoid: References should be wrapped in a <sup>, not a <span>


Canonical HTML (from PHP parser):

<sup id="cite_ref-Forty_47-0" class="reference">

<a href="#cite_note-Forty-47"><span>[</span>47<span>]</span></a>


Output from Parsoid:

<span id="cite_ref-Forty-46-0" class="reference" about="#mwt408" typeof="mw:Object/Ext/Cite" data-parsoid="…">

<a href="#cite_note-Forty-46">[47]</a>


I have no idea if the inner spans have any value, but the outer span should be a sup element instead.

(Also, the names of the cites are indexed from 0 in names but 1 in label - 46 vs. 47, whereas in PHP parser they're indexed from 1 in both; not sure if this is a problem.)

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Severity: trivial

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About sup and sub in the HTML5 spec:

"These elements must be used only to mark up typographical conventions with specific meanings, not for typographical presentation for presentation's sake. For example, it would be inappropriate for the sub and sup elements to be used in the name of the LaTeX document preparation system. In general, authors should use these elements only if the absence of those elements would change the meaning of the content."

This does not seem to be the case here, and styling is more flexible with spans. Since we will require some CSS adjustments anyway we might as well clean this one up too.

Closing as WONTFIX for that reason.

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I have to disagree with @GWicke's comment above. Using <sup> for reference numbers is semantically correct. Reference numbers are considered a standard type of superscript notation (like asterisks and daggers). Even if we didn't present them as such, they should still be defined as superscript content. In fact, I can't really think of any use of <sup> that is more semantically correct than using it for footnote numbers (which is probably why this use is given as an example of proper use of the <sup> tag at places like[1]


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