VisualEditor: Deleting content between a heading and an alien fails?
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In (and other versions), go into VE, go to the bottom, delete the list item (and so the list) from the External links section.

ve.instances[0] confirms that the model has this removed - "/heading" object followed by the alienated table from the "{{Authority control}}" template - but on diff Parsoid thinks that there is no change in this area. Is this is a Parsoid, or is change marking broken (or both)?

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Severity: normal


bzimport set Reference to bz43135.

This is probably a selser (Parsoid) issue. There is no change marking for removals, selser detects these based on DSR discontinuities.

Provisionally CCing Mark, once I get time to investigate this properly and figure out what's going on, I'll move/reassign this bug as appropriate.

I believe this ties in directly to what Gabriel is doing, so I'll add him and we can have a big bugzilla CCing party.

Likely fixed by the DOM diffing functionality that landed in Barring bugs, we now no longer depend on change markers for selective serialization to work.

(Needs verification with VE)

A few more selser fixes later this should now be fixed. Repeating the test case above certainly suggests it works, so please reopen if there still are issues.

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