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mw-navigation should not be printed
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mw-navigation does not have anything blocking printing. Most of the elements inside do, but the main h2 ("Navigation menu" in English) does print.

I'm going to do a patch to add this to the display: none list.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: normal



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As we've learned with the fix to bug 457 that caused highlighted issues which are noted on bug 42452, all non-backwards-compatible HTML+CSS changes have potential to cause great havoc, so I'm CC-ing some people who were working on that one to greenlight this.

that highlighted issues*

This solution seems reasonable to me.

The CSS is merged. I still want to merge the HTML cleanup one ( after the CSS is deployed, so I'm reopening for now.

Merged by Ori on the 13th. Is this bug fixed now?

So it would seem.