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Size limit for labels and descriptions
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Currently, labels can be created 800kb long and same with descriptions.

The labels and descriptions are used in places like the recent changes page and article history, and such lengthy stuff can make stuff time out when trying to view it on the wiki.

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The terms table are limited anyhow, but I'm not sure if we should copy this value as the terms table is used mainly for lookup. We could warn the user if the length goes above this value, like the warnings while someone is uploading an image.

Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 28

Change I4da67c8f: (Bug 43728) Create a max length constraint for language strings
Change I04452815: (Bug 43728) Refactor length constraint

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change I4339e526: (bug 43278) Limit labels etc to 250 characters..
Change merged.