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[statements-ui] Adding references (consisting of one Snak only) to an existing Statement
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After a Statement has been created, it should be possible to add references for it. Each reference is a list of Snaks, a reference requires one Snak at least. This item is just about creating a reference with one Snak, being able to define references with multiple Snaks will follow.

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wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change I70e38613: (bug 43291) repo API module for adding a reference

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change I493d107c: (bug 43291) introduction of wb.SnakList, a list containing a set of Snaks

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change If7ecaf35: (bug 43291) extend repoApi to support editing existing references

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change Ib6153480: (bug 43291) statementview can display and add references now (DO NOT MERGE)

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change Ib6e1eef0: (bug 43291) statementview: counter for number of references

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change Id74cde07: (bug 43291) introduction of jQuery.wikibase.statementview

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change I5304bd58: (bug 43291) claimlistview can now serve a list of other widgets than claimview

wikidata-bugs wrote:

Change If6264411: (bug 43291) reference related bugfix in wb.Claim.newFromJSON

Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 30

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