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CTRL+Click on "Feedback from my watched pages »" should open the link in a new tab
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Currently, the link "Feedback from my watched pages »" opens
in the same page even if I press CTRL while clicking in the link. This is not the expected behaviour (at least on Google Chrome), since all other links open in a new tab if I use CTRL+Click.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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[ Analysis ]

This link is added in JavaScript, by code located at modules/ext.articleFeedbackv5/ext.articleFeedbackv5.watchlist.js.

It creates the link, and adds an on click event, handled by a ClickTracking code.

[ Possible solution ]

Add a kludge to the relevant ClickTracking function to handle itself the click event:;a=blob;f=modules/jquery.articleFeedbackv5/jquery.articleFeedbackv5.track.js;h=f2437621bea89f56ffe9897de23a079be14c92e2;hb=HEAD#l141

if (e.ctrlKey) {
    //Call a new method to manage ourself the event and open the link in a new window
} else {
    //Send the event to the browser, current IE/Firefox code at the bottom of the method

[ Relevant links ];a=blob;f=modules/ext.articleFeedbackv5/ext.articleFeedbackv5.watchlist.js;h=75096d512679f8e2169ce2063040e17c1201c9f4;hb=HEAD ->