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[DO NOT USE] HTML Tidy issues (tracking) [superseded by the #Tidy tag]
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Tidy won't just leave line endings alone; if you disable wrapping it just stacks
lines as long as they can go.

That's REALLY annoying, and breaks playing with white-space setting.

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Severity: normal
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T68516: HTML Tags are stripped from extension output



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plugwash wrote:

i can't help but think that using tidy is a dirty hack and really mediawiki
should be able to generate valid xhtml without it.

Yes, it is a dirty hack.

MediaWiki _mostly_ produces valid XHTML output by itself, but the fixing of badly nested
tags etc is fairly sucky, and we're letting tidy do it for now until that gets rewritten to
work fully correctly.

Product: From extensions to core (enabled through $wg*Tidy*). wrote:

Stealing this for a Tidy tracking bug... there are certainly plenty of issues to track!! :D

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I hope I'm not in the wrong room or asking a question that nobody knows the answer to....DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO CLEAN THIS unTIDY header tag out of my html ? I would prefer a cli script to do it recursively since I accidentally trusted the stupid untidy program under the assumption that it would simply double-check my work....instead it crapped on it and then had the audacity to inject a link in the header back to its site with a snippet of strange code I'd rather not have.

There are over 5 T H O U S A N D pages I need to remove this bad unethical injection from (in fact it's way more if you are counting the online bible I host).

This is a shame....backup, I tell my customers that all the time, backup before you mess with corporate crap...uggghhh.....dammit man.

I am afraid this is the wrong room. I have no idea what this "untidy" program that you mention is. Try asking at for help with maintaining MediaWiki wikis.