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Search on (chapter website) does not work
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Search on website does not work. When I enter words in search filed in suggest article names from (UK, not Ukraine), and does not found anything from site.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 1:22 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz43663.

This is very likely a duplicate of bug 42423.

Confirming that entering Україна in the search field in the upper right corner and pressing Enter provides "No results mathing your query".

If I enter the word Статут , wait and then choose the dropdown option ("containing" = "що містяать") it also says zero results, but at least tells me that there is one page existing with that name ("У цій вікі є сторінка з назвою «Статут»").

Hi Tim, could you take a look at this and see if there's anything obvious that needs to be kicked?

py wrote:

the indexes exist and are on the frontend nodes.

I am able to search for Вікімедіа Україна (wikimedia ukraine) and get taken to the correct page.

I think that this is indeed a dupe of 42423, the omnibus "our search kinda sucks sometimes these days" bug.

Quick update:

Ram (who started a few weeks ago) is trying to improve the Search debugging infrastructure first by working on

  • bug 45266
  • bug 43544

so it will be easier to find potential reasons (some bugs are expected to get fixed by this, or at least easier to identify).

After these two bugs have been resolved, bug 42423 and bug 43663 are very likely next on the list. Sorry that this takes a bit longer, but the plan is to "do it right".

director wrote:

I think that there is some table which mistakenly redirect search requests from (WMUA - Wikimedia Ukraine) to index tables associated with (WMUK - Wikimedia United Kingdom)

Absence of search on our chapter's website is really a big obstacle for our members and potential donors.

This bug is a very strange one, as the Ukrainian Search works as default option in any MediaWiki Ukrainian installation. Probably LocalSetting.php file should be checked?

Probably the site (Wikimedia United Kingdom) should be renamed to (gb stands for the Great Britain)?

(In reply to comment #7)

Probably the site (Wikimedia United Kingdom) should
renamed to (gb stands for the Great Britain)?

Great Britain and United Kingdom are not interchangeable. (GB is only England, Scotland and Wales)

ram wrote:

The OAI repository URL used internally does seem to point to the wrong place:
Looking into how this happened; that should also yield a fix ...

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I7471e01e25ad27461527189598b10f90ccea5c4a) (Gerrit Change I7471e01e25ad27461527189598b10f90ccea5c4a) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by Pyoungmeister]

ram wrote:

Searching for "Україна" still shows no results, so there is an issue; investigating ...

director wrote:

Please do help Wikimedia Ukraine to fix the bug.

When you type something in the search field in you can see pop-up results from

Try for example typing "Britain Loves Wikipedia".

Yuri: Thanks for the screenshot.
As you can see in this report, Ram is investigating the problem.

ram wrote:

I wrote a small Java tool to dump the uawikimedia index from search1015 as text; it looks good and has multiple occurrences of "Україна". Also, doing an explicit
invocation on that box with "wget -O ukraine.txt "http://search1015:8123/search/uawikimedia/%D0%A3%D0%BA%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%97%D0%BD%D0%B0" also works and shows 8 results.

Suddenly, search now seems to work: visiting and entering
"Україна" in the search box now shows multiple results. Maybe the OAI URL fix I
did earlier in the week did something good over time.

If issue recurs, please let me know.

This is still broken, see comment 14. (just verified broken first hand in the last 2 mins)

ram wrote:

Yes, there still seems to be an issue if you enter English words but if you enter Ukrainian words you do see results now which was not the case before.

Looking into why English suggestions are showing up.

director wrote:

If you enter Ukrainian words you do see results now which was not the case before.

It looks like it works well only for the pages, which where edited after the 10th of April, 2013.

For example, visiting and entering "Україна" in the search box now shows ONLY EIGHT results.

There are much more pages on the site containing "Україна" even in title:Вікімедіа_Україна - the main pageДіяльність_Вікімедіа_УкраїнаРегламент_ГО_«Вікімедіа_Україна»

Hope this information was useful.

(In reply to comment #18 by Ram)

Looking into why English suggestions are showing up.

Ram: Did you have a chance to find out, or did other search issues block you from this? :-/

Also CC'ing Nik on this ticket, though it's assigned to Chad.
Comment 2 has steps to test.

p.selitskas wrote:

Stemming in the search engine either doesn't work or is malfunctioning.

Query "Україна" returns only exact "Україна" hits, and "України" returns only exact "України" hits.

I'm going to repurpose this bug. We can enable Cirrus on ua.wikimedia as soon as we support Ukrainian.

I don't believe the current search engine supports stemming either.

I've seen some rumblings of a Ukrainian stemmer on the lucene mailing lists but I don't think anything has come of it.

Unable to reproduce this behaviour in either Lucene or Cirrus.